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"Gifted and talented learners are as unique as they are diverse, therefore, I believe that all GT learners deserve an academically relevant education that is focused on their academic and intellectual strengths, varied talents, and special abilities."                     

                                                               -Michelle Miller "GT Lady"

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Welcome 4th Grade HGT

July 30, 2013

Welcome parents and guardians to the 2013-2014 school year. I am looking forward to teaching your fourth grade HGT students. I'm also interested in hearing your hopes for your child's academic and/or social emotional development during this fourth grade year. Feel free to post and respond to each other on this blog.

Should innovative thinking and creativity play an integral role in the education of gifted and talented students?

June 5, 2012

Innovative thinking and creativity are valued by business and by society. Companies such as Google and Apple are held as pillars of innovative products and corporate strategies. Creative artists of all disciplines are revered for their talent and societal contributions. Humans rely on innovative sciences and technologies for safety, organization, health, and prosperity. However, most standardized assessments given to students in the United States do not assess innovative and creative thinking and much of the district adopted educational curriculum in the United States does not address innovation or creativity in adequate detail. So is it important? Should innovative and creative thinking play an integral role in the education of gifted and talented students? Should innovative and creative thinking be a central component to educational curriculum for all students?